Miss Sylvie Desserne - President of CENA - French Club of English Toy

One can’t talk about King Charles Spaniels without mentioning Sylvie Desserne.

After breeding King Charles Spaniels and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for many years, Mrs Desserne has now become a judge for both breeds mainly in dog-shows. Her competence in that field is not to be proved.

As she was a customer and friend of Mrs Alicia Pennington (affixed “Tudorhurst”) she imported from England stallions and bitches which are now the ancestors of most of our pedigree sires.

Under the affix “Vilfloriane” she owned the most titled King Charles Spaniels breeding farm in her time, and perpetuated lines of champions that are to be found in many of our dogs’ pedigrees.

Mrs Desserne knows about the esteem in which I hold her both for the sound advice she gives about breeding and for her fairness in dog-shows.

I wish to thank her for the trust she showed me when she let me have several stallions which are now the fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers of Champions of France.

- Goonies de Vilfloriane

(who unfortunately left us in 2002)

- Love You a Lot de Vilfloriane

- Fall in Love de Vilfloriane

- Mortimer de Vilfloriane

All those stallions are the result of the severe selection Mrs Dessere made when she had them. Everyone among them gives their descendents their own marks.

What is marvellous with King Charles Spaniels is that one never has to work on their temper. Their inborn gentleness and well-balanced character are transmitted from one generation to the next.

Madame Claudine Métans

Miss Métans bred King Charles Spaniels for many years and had champions under the affix “Delight Kings”. That affix is to be found in a fair number of our pedigree dogs. She is now a judge for that breed.

I wish to thank her for the judicious advice she gave me for breeding my dogs and which is still useful to me now.

One of my stallions, now retired, has her affix. It was a vice champion of France.

- Deligh King L'Archimède

Miss Valérie Tournerie

(No picture)

I thank Mrs Tournerie very much for letting me have my first two female King Charles Spaniels.

Europe des Rois de l'Eure (Blenheim)

(No picture)

Funny Girl des Rois de l'Eure

who was vice champion of France and mother and grandmother of champions of France.

Monsieur Jean-Claude Métans - Preceding Président of the CENA

He is the preceding president of the King Charles Toy Spaniel and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel club. He is a workaholic. He is bearing the banner of our club very high. He has all my consideration.

Miss Ninette Auger - Président of the ASENACK

Président of the ASENACK : Association de Secours des Epagneuls Nains Anglais Cavaliers et King Charles (Association for helping English Toy Cavalier and King Charles Spaniels).

She was an innovator and created that association with Mr Métan’s help.

You can volunteer to adopt a King Charles Spaniel or a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel which has been ill-treated or that the difficulties of life has forced to be removed from its home.

You can visit the site of the association : http://www.asenack.com or volunteer to help.

Monsieur Yves Guyomard

He died on June 6th 2003 and he is greatly missed in the world of dog-lovers and by his friends. He used to be an excellent judge who was competent, fair and courteous. He used to charm everyone with his kindness. He dealt with our dogs with gentleness and judged them so tactfully that their imperfections, which he didn’t fail to mention, were almost perceived as qualities. He had the ability to communicate with other people which is the sign of a great intelligence.

I will always hold him in high esteem.