With King Charles Spaniels, a master has to learn how to make out all the qualities their various attitudes reveal. With these dogs one learns about being calm, patient and observant. King Charles Spaniels seem to have the ability to think before they act, which does not stop them from being spontaneous. But, their being reserved makes them companions whose reactions are measured.

They are never aggressive with children and since they are reserved they always remain independent and can consider situations carefully. You only have to watch a litter of puppies when they are playing and observe the characteristic sweetness of their movements and their games which are so typical. Should a baby bark too loud, the others will watch it in a detached way without an inkling of fear.

Adult males sometimes show more energy in their relations with their peers. But it is part of a natural attitude that rules the animal world: just as happens in the human world, senior chiefs and junior chiefs are needed.

They are playful and will know how to get your attention and make you laugh with habits that are only theirs. With moderate cuddling, your King Charles Spaniel will love you and be unfalteringly faithful and you will be the only master in its life.

As it is able to adjust to all circumstances, you will be very proud of it outside where you will always be able take it with you. This dog is always willing to please you and will be just as glad to go for a walk in the countryside with you or to stay at home, preferably on the sofa, when it rains cats and dogs.

Its coat, which is soft and silky, is easy to groom and with regular brushing and baths it will be all the nicer to stroke.

A King Charles spaniel seldom barks but will nevertheless be able to make itself understood and you will easily be able to decipher its language, its attitudes throughout the day.

You’ll regret not having registered it in a singing academy since, as it is very clever, it varies the scope of its voice from deep to sharp in moments of great communication with you.

King Charles Spaniels are especially charming and faithful dogs. They are sweet, gentle and loving. In spite of their small size they have the allure and qualities of bigger dogs.

Their attachment to their masters is no longer to be proved. For instance, two faithful King Charles Spaniels had to be dragged away from the scaffold where their master, Charles I, had just been beheaded.

Thanks to their small size, they are the ideal companion dogs of modern times. Since they are easy to carry they are even accepted aboard planes.

Their ability to adjust makes them suitable dogs either for life in a town or in the country. Living in a flat is no problem for them as long as they are taken out regularly and can occasionally go for a long walk. Indeed, these small companions are attractively sportive in proportion with their size. They love walks in the forest or in the countryside but won’t be afraid of spending a whole day on a sofa, which is probably a reminder of their former lives as aristocrats.

King Charles Spaniels are robust and very healthy. Since they are calm and seldom bark, they will offer you a haven of peace and tranquillity. You will be surprised by their intelligence and their sense of observation. To settle in your house they will choose the strategic point which will enable them to keep constantly an eye on you.

They like reasonable cuddling and rarely ask for stroking but the alluring way they look at you will be the best sign of their deep attachment to you. They are fully happy only with their masters who are their only gods. They will remain distant with strangers proving thus that only their masters and their friends deserve their attention and affection. Their origins did not teach them to be modest and you have to be introduced to them if you are to be accepted. As they are always ready to please their masters you will train them easily with gentleness of course. Once you have won their confidence, they will overflow with joy, gaiety, gentleness and love for those they have decided to love.

They are born aristocrats and their elegance will always be noticed and their masters will be proud of them and will be complimented for having such an outstanding dog.

Owning several King Charles Spaniels and watching them as they live will provide you with infinite pleasure and amusement. They seldom fight, are never brutal but prove to be tender, lively and resourceful in inventing games. It’s a pleasure to have them. They do not act rashly contrary to their cousin the Cavalier. Looking after them is easy: usually a monthly shampoo and two weekly brushings are enough to keep them very fit. Likewise, owing to their small size, feeding them is not costly.

Male King Charles Spaniels have as pleasant a disposition as females if not even more pleasant. English people used to say they were comforters, anti-stress dogs. Gentle, charming and very intelligent they can be reserved but on the look out too at the same time.

An unconditional owner of such dogs used to say: -“my King Charles Spaniel suits me like a pair of kid gloves”.

To sum it all up, one can say without exaggerating that the King Charles Spaniel is a dog meant for connoisseurs and that it is the jewel of companion dogs encased in gentleness and kindness.