Le Concours Général Agricole 2011

Our Teodora gave us a nice surprise.

Teodora had won the Champion class at the National Specialty March 28, 2010 in Orléans. So she was invited to compete at the agricultural show with other races Champions Group 9 who also won their class at their National Specialty.

Our surprise and joy was great when CHCS Teodora was first proclaimed excellent and was invited to climb on the highest step of the podium.

A big thank you and congratulations to Bertrand Dumont who presented with this skill peerless handler who knows how to value the qualities of the dog.

The jury was composed of 3 people:

Dr. Chaudieu veterinarian and specialist in ophthalmology

Mr. Dupas, judge all breeds

Mrs. Mery specialist judge of the 9th group.

Congratulations to you too small Teodora. Not only are you a bitch but lovely, soon 9 years, you're in amazing shape.

Teodora in the arms of Bertrand Dumont,
his dad one day at the Salon of Agriculture

Photo - Vos Chiens Magazine - N° 293 -
Page 43

Don Juan des Trois Maillets, France Champion 2010.

Don Juan was awarded the CACS the last National Specialty was held in the top 6 of males Cacs this exhibition.