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A few years ago, at the beginning of 1988, it was as if I had been inoculated a virus and since then I’ve been utterly dependent on an immoderate attachment to that charming little companion dog called the King Charles Spaniel and until now no vaccine has been able to cure me.

It’s impossible not to be fascinated by the charm of its loving sweet gentle eyes. Nobody can resist its round head with a dome-shaped skull and its up-turned pug nose with well open nostrils. One can’t help being moved by its round mouth with lips which always seem to be pouting. How can one resist stroking its beautiful well-feathered ears, on each side of its head which frame it beautifully?

You can’t help being moved by the graceful head of this adorable little animal but at the same time you will be surprised by the impression of strength of its body which should be short and compact with strong bones.

It’s a born aristocrat (don’t forget it was a favourite among kings for several centuries) and its unequalled elegance, its smooth and silky coat, which is pleasant to stroke and which comes into four colours, will give you a varied choice that can please even the most exacting people. You can choose between the two breeds in one colour: the Ruby and the Black and tan and the two multicoloured breeds: the Blenheim and the tri-colour. It’s enough to please everyone.

The Babies


Breeding King Charles Spaniels is not technically very difficult. Though their heads are big compared to the rest of the body, they can be born without real problem and Caesarean operations will mostly be due to low physical condition of the uterine more than to the puppy’s size.

Puppies need to be kept warm for several weeks, but this is not specific to that breed of dogs.

Most of the King Charles females are good mothers, which is hardly surprising.

The puppies from my breeding farm are all registered in the Book of French Origins (LOF). They are vaccinated, have a microship and can leave the farm after they are 3 months old. The LOF proves the dog’s ancestry on several generations which ensures that all their ancestors belonged to the breed of King Charles Spaniels.

My puppies are sold with a birth certificate which will be changed into a Pedigree when the dog has been said to be suitable for confirmation by a confirming judge, after it is one year old, if it's in France or the certificate can be changed into a Pedigree Export for other countries.

A pedigree is necessary for dogs kept for breeding purposes. It is less important for the others but is nevertheless a guarantee for the survival of the breed.

It’s difficult to make the difference between a would-be exhibition dog and a companion dog when it is only three months old and it’s hardly possible for a breeder to be positive on that. One can suppose by observing a dog when it is very small that it will be able to get rewards in a dog show, but it would be premature to guarantee it as a certainty.

But it’s a fact that marrying mediocre begetters seldom produces first rate dogs.

Mendel’s laws are the same in human and canine genetics and there will always be an unexpected gene that will bring you back to reason when you think you’ve anticipated everything.
You should know that a King Charles Spaniel will be at its very best when it is two years old.

Having stated that, the King Charles Spaniel, which is classed group 9, that of companion dogs, does correspond to its description as a companion dog.

Whether it be an exhibition dog or not, whether it corresponds to the standard description or has a few imperfections, it will give you the extraordinary magic of its exceptional and wonderful character.

If you love it as much as it loves you back you will be transformed.